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New to Klipsch - need help choosing speakers

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Hi everyone, I am new to Klipsch and would need your help :)


I currently have a Yamaha YSP 1400 bar hooked up to my Samsung HDTV. Usually, the sound is ok, but sometimes during TV shows on Netflix through my Mac mini (also hooked up to the TV), or from the IPTV service, or downloaded movies or DVDs, the dialogues are not super clear and my wife and I can't understand certain sentences.


I am not sure if it comes from the soundbar or the bad sound encoding from the source or just the actor mumbling about... I also play PS4 games often but don't really have this issue there as its mostly shooting and explosions :)


So I started looking at HomeTheatre setups and wanted to go the Klipsch Reference Wireless Route, but decided against it because : 1) its more expensive than wired systems 2) its a closed system 3) read a few posts here and seems there are too many issues with firmware / loss of signal etc.


Therefore, I'd like to test a setup like this : 


Center Speaker : RP-250C

Main 2 Speakers : RP-15M

Subwoofer : R-10SW


I have also an issue of not wanting to run wires everywhere, so all these elements will be under the TV.


Does this make any sense? Or is the fact that I can't have speakers on the side and rear make this whole setup useless?


Also, do I need an amplifier thingy for these to be connected to?


Does the speakers come with all the necessary wires?


That's all for questions so far :)


Thanks again for your help!


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I would venture a guess it’s probably the sound bar if the trouble is consistent with multiple sources. 


Yes you will need amplification and processing. A receiver will do both. 


You will need to purchase speaker wire. If it’s all going to be kept under the tv, you might be able to talk your dealer into throwing in some cheap stuff. 


No no speakers in the back is no problem. 


Hope this helps. 

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