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Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Speakers - No sound out of Right Channel


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I've had a set of 2.1s for about 3 years now. Just plugged them back in and noticed that only the left speaker and sub works. When I switch the wires in the spring clips in the back of the speakers, the right speaker begins to work and the left stops working entirely. My question is: which part would need to be replaced in order to get both speakers to work? Should I buy and install a new wire terminal, or is it a din plug issue, or should I just buy a new amp?

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I'm not sure if the same problem... however I found that the headphone was working in stereo from the POD. 

I also noticed the same one satellite speaker would work and the other would not in a working subwoofer..., since I happened to be testing on a completely dead subwoofer system at first that needed the two 1000W(1K) resistors resolderd to the LF board.  Once resoldered... I figured out the two speaker issue and tested on a working subwoofer system.  

I still have to figure out why the subwoofer volume is really low.  I am guessing capacitors on the LF board around the resistors are fried, i.e. dried out or overheated. 

Back to testing your guys issue....

Therefore, I deduced in my situation, there must be an issue not the DIN... there must be an issue with the 1/8" barrel plug.   I took the POD apart and found there wasn't continuity between the middle section of the barrel plug and POD connector.   Then I cut the barrel plug to check all the wires continuity and found they were all OK. 

So, I soldered on a new 1/8" barrel plug and that fixed that issue. 

Now I'm looking at replacing the capacitors on the LF board since I desoldered and tested the LF board transistors in socket and out of socket with an LCR meter and they along with the resistors and diodes in socket appear to be in working condition. 

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Historically, they had an issue with the DIN where it would come apart.  I had some issues with mine, took the DIN out and as I recall (years ago) the outer silver part of the plug simply came apart from the rest of it....or something like that.


If that is indeed the problem, I think you can buy replacements.  Someone also went to Radio Shack and bought their "part number ???" and did the work to be able to tell you that Red went to green, blue went to purple....so you could properly wire it.


That was what I did those years ago and it worked fine afterwards.


What would happen for me was, the speaker(s?) would cut in/out..  finally totally going dead.  I think I decided they would cut in/out as the wire would wiggle and intermittently break/make contact until it was fully compromised.


Might be worth looking at the DIN plug, especially if you have an older unit.



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Good call on replacing the DIN if that is the issue.  

I have another set I picked up used from the Goodwill or shopgoodwill.com... I forget exactly.  Either way... the DIN plug was broken off where the pins and like Coytee noted the outer silver part of the plug.  

I wound up cutting off the PS/2 plug from an old keyboard I had lying around since I have a few I picked up free off Craigslist, Offup and/or Letgo. 

Wired up the re-purposed plug and works great. 

I'd test the headphone jack on the POD first to see if that is OK or not... if is... I'd suspect the 1/8" barrel plug... if the headphones aren't working in stereo... I'd suspect the DIN plug or connection. 

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I have the same issue with the right satellite speaker now working. When I switch the wiring on the spring clips the other left speaker works and the right does not. I contacted support as these are brand new and will let you know what they have to say. 

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