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Wireless Premiere 4.1 setup - sides or rears? Stereo sound mirrored?


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Hello everyone. After a reshuffle of furniture, I reconnected and booted up my Klipsch Premiere Wireless system again. I have a setup existing of 4 shelf speakers, standing next to my TV and behind my couch, and one subwoofer.


Currently, the speakers behind me only produce sound when set to SIDE. However, from a position perspective, they are more REAR. From what I remember from my old setup, they were always set to rear and produced sound. They even "mirrored" stereo sound from music (Network stream, Spotify).


My questions that I need help with:


  • Do I lose out on sound when my speakers are set to SIDE instead of REAR?
  • Should the speakers behind me, be set to SIDE or REAR in a 4.1 setup?
  • How do I get the speakers behind me to "mirror" stereo sound?


Thank you very much!



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