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Beautiful set of Klipschorns for pick up in Southern California


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Pair of Klipschorns in excellent shape for $3499. Believe they are from 1982, but were wrapped and in storage for 16 years. They look and sound great. One small nick on the side of one speaker. I bought them about 16 years ago with the hope of one day building a perfect room for them. They have been in storage since, and unemployment has forced me to pull them out and put them up for sale. Pickup only in Southern California (Simi Valley). They are on Audiogon now: 




It really hurts me to put them up for sale, as just one listen made me fall in love with them. But tough times call for tough measures. I hope someone gets them who can really appreciate them. Let me know if you have any questions.

aIMG_6453 3.jpg

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2 hours ago, Mallette said:

Sell your car instead and get a cheaper one. You will miss it a lot less than these.


Dave, I have absolutely no doubt that you are right. First time I really listened to these (last week), I almost cried they sounded so good. And I've had a lot of Klipsch speakers (still have quite a few). But this one did me in. The more amazing thing? I didn't even have them in the corners, as I have no good corners. So they had no right to sound that good. But the smoothness, the dynamics, the range, the emotion - all was there. I've never heard anything better, and I'm sure if I ever hear a set when placed in actual corners as they need to be, I will cry like a baby. But my car - ehh, take or leave it. Unfortunately, it's quite a few years old so these speakers are probably worth more!! You can bet that if my situation improves later on, and I remodel for a corner perfect room, I will be buying another pair then! I just need to be patient (not my greatest strength).

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