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Whst do you think about SW-15?


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I'm looking for a sub to compliment my Forte II and Heresy II set of speakers.

I have an opportunity to get SW15 for $300. The issue is that I cannot leasten to it with my speakers...


I couldn't find specs for SW15, but found for SW15 II:

Amplifier: 200 watts continuous into 4 ohms

Frequency response: 27-120+-3dB

Max output: 110 dB

Weight: 82 lbs


Lets assume, SW15 has the same parameters. Based on pure specs, it looks like R-110SW is better sub and new one is $440 now. So I'm not sure that 30 years old SW15 worth $300...


What do you guys think?

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So, in reference to what CECCAA850 said, I'll sell you my SW-10, with a passive 12 for $50.  Cab is abused and the amp picks up FM radio stations.  Quite a feat for a sub.  Yeah, do as other's have said, get a new sub.  You'll be much happier.

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