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Welborne Labs DRD 45 / 2A3 amps w/ SS rectification

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$1300 shipped from Austin, TX  (fyi cost of shipping is at least $100 for 3 boxes)

Welborne DRD 45 with SS rectification... 

these have 2.5K OPT's which allow for a conversion to 2A3 amps....

a pair of vintage RCA 45 tubes and a pair of Sovtek 6N1P tubes...

manual for assembly of 45 and 2A3 amps...




modifications I did :

moved the RCA and binding posts to the top plate

10uF Obligatto Gold capacitor (was a Solen)

metals film resistors are all Shinko Tantalum (were Caddock)

added Hovland 0.1uF bypass capacitors to the 100uF Cerefine and 10uF Obligatto

added Auricap 1.0uF bypass capacitor to the 50uF ASC capacitor


I built these from a DRD 45 kit... the kit was complete, which at the time was not common with Welborne... but I realized 2.5K OPT's were sent instead of 5.0K...

there was no way I could be sure if I sent the OPT's back for an exchange that I would get anything back in return.... already had 2A3 amps so I built the 45 and use the 4 ohm tap....

again, these have 2.5K OPT's wired to the 4 ohm tap for 8 ohm speakers and sound excellent...






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I absolutely love my Welborne Labs 2A3 amps (Moondogs). I've promised myself that I will never sell them. Did the Kokopelli images come with the kits or did you add them?


Are the OPTs Magnequest, then?



Your pricing is more than fair, even generous.



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good morning Bruce...

I too had Moondogs for almost 20yrs... and Laurels... Ron Welborne in his day had fantastic amps.. well designed and excellent parts... the DRD amps followed that...

if I did not have my JFL Horus 2A3 amps I would still own Moondogs...

the DRD's use Electraprint PS and OPT... 

the DRD kits had unfinished bases and I added the Kokopellis... 

yes...the DDR's are priced to sell...


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Guys, you can't beat these amps, for any amount of money.  I had 45DRD's and traded them for a Nelson Pass First Watt M2.  I still have Welborne Star Chiefs and Welborne Laurel 300B's.

The only reason I got rid of my DRD's is that I had the Star Chiefs and another custom 45 tubed amp.

They were sublime on my Khorns.  So clear and precise, especially on female vocals.

Good luck with your sale.

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those are nice speakers...

not sure what you mean by "push"...  I cannot speak to it as I have no idea what your listening room is like...

you cannot eliminate what the room size etc has with any speaker amp combo...


what I can address is my speakers are in the 106dB range (2 way with AER MD3 full range with GPA 515-8 LF woofers)..

my room is large, 30ft x 25ft with 18ft ceiling...

these Welborne DRD 45 can fill the room... comparing to a 2A3 tube I go a bit higher on the volume to do it...

and again these amps can be converted to 2A3 with out much cost and work..

thanks for your interest...

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