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just to clarify

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just to clarify

if i was to use my denon 4400 with 2 emotiva t2 fronts and c2 centre
what can  2 amps can i use to vastly increase the 2 front speakers quality of sound
i want to connect 2 amps to the main denon 4400
to the low frequencies of the main left of each left and right speaker
and then the other amp for the high frequencies of the left and right terminals

what would be the best opions to use
i already have a emotiva xpa2 gen3
what do people advise thanks

then i will use emotiva upa 200 blocks to improve each speaker
i will be using a 11.4 system 

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Depending on your room size, you might not even notice a difference when just adding a single amp to the 4400. This statement coming from a guy guy using a 7 channel dedicated amplifier.


Now if you have a large room, the XPA-3 is a beast and shouldn’t have any problems driving those speakers to extreme levels.


You have made a few new posts and you seem a little confused. Have you tried the Emotiva forum, since it appears you are using basically all Emotiva gear? 


Having the XPA-3 run the front 3 speakers would be ideal as that amp puts out 200/channel at a minimum. It is a stout unit, I have owned 2 XPA-3’s and 2 XPA-5’s. Emotiva makes some nice AMPLIFIERS for the money. 

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