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New SPL-120 vs R-112SW


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I think you are right unfortunately.

Klipsch apparently has more interest in marketing than quality.

i could not agree more....repackaging the same sub in the same box and calling it an SPL sub, using the same abbreviation used to designate sub drivers designed for volume over sound quality -- in the car world there are spl and sq subs.  you dont buy an spl sub to have a high quality theater sub.


SVS is going to continue eating Klipschs lumch and they deserve to,

A 12" sub in a good size box should be tuned to 20 imo.  24 and likely 3db down at 24 is weak.

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I wish klipsch would make a proper replacement for the RSW15.   I'll be honest in stating I haven't heard their newer subs,  but based on the feedback, I don't even think I would consider them.   Not happy to say that (luckily, I can't say that about MOST Klipsch products).  People can have whatever opinion of Klipsch they want, but I allow the music to do the talking for friends and family if they become curious.  

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