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Whammerdyne amps

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6 hours ago, Schu said:

How is the direct current handled without a coupling capacitor.

Good question. I am familiar with the schematic of direct coupling but Maynard will have to answer the question of how. Personally I have no problem with a capacitor. 

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5 hours ago, windashine said:

under the design process tab, is this picture - I'm thinking those aren't fuses....



No, they are power resistors. At least that is what I think you are talking about. It appears that solid state devices are used in the circuit judging by the device that has a heatsink. Could be a regulator or some type of constant current source. My guess would be a constant current source. Nice looking film capacitors. 

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They claim to be using multiple regulated power supplies for all circuits.  As for the direct coupling, that is a common practice among some designers- the plate of the driver is connected to the grid of the output tube.  Personally, I don't like to put high voltage DC where it doesn't belong and won't use that method.  I have no problem with coupling caps and do not find that they degrade the sound.  They are vague as to exactly what they are doing but it strikes me as being a servicing inconvenience for anyone who has to work on their amps.


Look at the "functional diagram" on page 4:   http://whammerdyne.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/2018-04-07-Whammerdyne_Owners_Manual.pdf




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$13k!  I know your looking for a technical discussion, but those things are butt ugly. Look like some of the gizmos you see in the hospital hoooked up to patients.


Some of the salesmanship is spurious too. " Class AB switching artifacts, Class D high-frequency noise of transitions between output pairs of devices." Huh? There are limitations and imperfections in anything in life, not only circuit topologies.  But are they saying a $13k Class A/B or D (not that there is a $13k Class D) cannot match a $13K Set?

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