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Klipsch KP 301ii fuses

Jim Gregory

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3 hours ago, Dave A said:

OK I could live with that horn but the bass is seriously lacking according to the spec sheet..

Carl has a 684 to fill in the low end. I have heard this system and it is killer the 396 is no slouch! I do love both the 456 and the 942 combo's.

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Ok so I just saw Dave's question on why I needed fuse information 

Dave knows the story but I guess wants me to tell others. 

I am new to the audio world and am learning weekly about the technical aspects. However I have been a veteran pro at going to live concerts since the 70's. I have seen a lot of the great classic rock groups. So as I increase my audio knowledge and equipment, I also try to reproduce the feeling of a live concert. So while my neighbor and I were working on this experiment using the 456's being pushed ( like a crowd of young 1974 rockers going into the entrance of the LA Forum for a Led Zeppelin concert) by a Parasound JC 2 preamp and 2 mono bridged Parasound A21 (750w @ 8 ohms) " which I just learned how to do a couple of weeks ago"  We were reaching incredible deafening heights of audio nirvana ( and preamp only at 40% , amps at 30% gain) playing Rainbow (Richie Blackmore, Ronnie James Dio) 1976 Live Mistreated....... then both LF fuse blew...... Right in the middle of Richie's solo.... Bummed us out !  But quick thinking, grabbed the fuses out of the 301ii's and we kept going. I felt like a super hero.... Saving the day and all

On Sunday after the alcohol wore off I felt like I should get some technical advice

and like true SuperHeros JW, Dave and all you smart (know what's really going in audio guys) offer me (stupid guy, "but loads of fun")

advice on how to keep me from destroying my system by offering sound advice. 

Thanks, I love you guys

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