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Free K-Horns and Belle


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OFFER RESCINDED.  Have received 32 inquiries to date.  Overwhelmed.  Blood in the water?  Who knew?  Have been alerted that some may want to haul away, strip, paint, and resell.  Not acceptable.  Want a home for these.   They were our father's pride and joy.  Heresy to Cornwall to K #1 to K #2 to Belle.  Have received two offers to buy.  Curiously no one requested pictures.  We will re-post as "for sale best offer".  To keep replies separate from our primary email please reply to anynamejay@yahoo.com  Totally sorry for confusion.  Had no idea.




Free.  Father's Pair of K-Horns and a Belle in garage since 1996.  Veneers are shot but structures are sound.  Strip and paint?  Last checked 3 years ago all drivers work.  Want them out of garage.  Do remember the K's are 185# the Belle 150#.  Can offer no assistance with loading on truck.  Codeaholic@yahoo.com.  Must be removed by end of October.  Local pickup only.  Columbus Ohio 43214.  (My bad).

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Overwhelmed with requests. Free = blood in water?
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23 minutes ago, Dave1290 said:

Columbus??????  Be there by midnite!  :)  Soooooo, IF this is the real deal I'm out the door!  :)


C'mon man, you're too excited.  Be there by midnight?  Show some restraint.  :dry:


I, on the other hand, could be there by first thing tomorrow morning.  :biggrin:

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