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FS: Klipsch Grill Cloth - #17 - Enough to cover a pair of Heresy


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I believe I bought this before 2014, when Klipsch #17 grill cloth was still available. 


Per Bob Crites website, the cloth was discontinued and now Klipsch uses #7. 


So - this is the original Klipsch #17 Grill Cloth. 


I have enough left to cover a pair of Heresys  - pretty much two pieces: 36" x 27" and 35" x 19" 


I have no clue what is a fair price and can't find what I paid. How about $30+shipping? My guess is shipping will be about $12 bucks.  

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I’ll be shipping the cloth to Tony T tomorrow morning - if it doesn’t work out for him, he maybe willing to sell it to you. It’s will be a tight fit for him and he is going to see if he can make it work.


Sorry about not responding to this thread sooner



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On 10/5/2018 at 8:14 AM, dkalsi said:

How about $30+shipping?

Haha ... if it would have been "mine," I would have given these leftovers away for $0.00 plus shipping.  Just to help out fellow Klipsch "nuts."

Oh well, Emile :D 

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