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Veneer maintenance for my Khorns


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Looks like your speakers are partially blocking the window.  Could you move them to the outer corners where it also looks like (the right one at least) will also partially block the window?


If that's accurate, then blocking the window might be neutral since it's already partially blocking the inner window.


If you have two "outer" corners, I'd give that a whirl and see what you think.


(nice looking room by the way and, nice job doing the re-oil job!)



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The horn would be a bear for sure!


The right side of my room is almost all windows. If I’m sitting by those windows (there is a bar there) I can turn that speaker into the corner and properly load it. The other sits in a similar corner but it would face away from you. I know what they can sound like but until one of my kids goes to school or I enclose the backs I leave something on the table. 

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On 10/9/2018 at 6:13 PM, WMcD said:

I would think that lacquer is not compatible with oil finishes.   I'm sure you'll check the label and the Internet.  Start with an inconspicuous spot as everyone says.


Are you using Deft, or a rattle can, or professional sprayer for lacquer?  Just out of curiosity.


OTOH I always recommend wipe-on varnishes.  There is plenty on the Internet about it.  


Everyone here has heard my recipe.  Wipe on, remove any excess, let dry over night. Scuff lightly with no-scratch Scotchbrite.  Bat off the dust.  Wipe on another thin coat, remove excess, let dry over night. Repeat for four days.  After a week you can put on some Butcher's wax


You're really investing about one hour a night and four hours total.   You'll get a marvelous finish you can't get in one four-hour set of work. You'll see many variations on this.  But it all comes down to thin coats and patience.





Oh yeah, it was Watco lacquer. It worked well even with all that surface area on the LF cabinet and all the different surfaces of the top hat. 

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