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RSW-15 South OC


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LOL ...... Well they are prety rare to find, I know I have one, and i would regret everyday if I sold it. 

I have not seen one for sale, in any good condition in awhile. Last ones were in Florida from Youthman. 

and he sold his $750-850. and the did not have boxes, manuals,packing etc etc. 

So I would say this is a good price. if it is all true. 

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I did not offer him anything, just told him that he may need to lower the price of it did not sell. But he thinks that they are made of gold. And he listed them as having two 15” subs and I only pointed out the one was a passive driver that acts like a port
He did not like me telling him what it really was. I told him good luck and have a good day.

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Let me add this is not far from where I live and this is an area that prices are always higher than most. We never get the deals you see elsewhere and Klipsch speakers are always selling at their highest prices plus around here, bargains are pretty much non existent. The last RSW-15 I saw listed in Craig's List near me was for $1,200 and did not have a grill.

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Agree Agree, 

I made a acquire about the sub, sent a email......and got a quick friendly reply. 

He called, and he knew what he has....... He seems to be a Huge Klipsch Fan 

also, he is the same guy that is selling the RS-7 IN THE BOXES 

So good good,excellent,new condition.......I think the prices are very fair 


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