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Klipschorn not working please help.


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Hi everyone . I just purchased a pair of mid 90s klipschorns. when I hooked them up, I didnt get any sound from them . only got some bass from 1 speaker. when I checked closer, I saw that the fuse holder was sticking out and when I pushed it back in. then I got some sound. but the other speaker is not giving me any sound at all. but when I connect the speaker cables direct to the upper unit wires, then I get the mids and highs. but the fuse does not seem to want to stay in. and even when I do manage to get it in still no sound. the crossovers seem to work because I'm getting sound when I connect the speakers cables direct to the upper part of the speakers. please advise thanks so much. I just so frustrated because I just spent $3000 and I'm slowly losing my mind. thanks

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I checked the crossover and it works because I put the leads for speaker wire from amp to the speaker wire on the upper level that holds the mids and tweeter and it works. but I can't get any sound from the regular input jacks on the side of the bass cabinet. 

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