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Klipschorn not working please help.


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The speakers are consecutive numbers . I bought them without testing because the lady said her husband had them since new and he passed away recently and that’s why she was selling . They are in very good condition except for this issue that I’m having . Plus she didn’t have them hooked up to any amp when I was there. 

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You know you have a split network, right? The low pass (low frequency) parts are inside the bass bin, on the other side of the door. 


Hook everything up normally, and troubleshoot one speaker at a time. 


You got a balance knob on that fancy Mac?


When you get everything hooked up, turn the balance knob to the left. We’ll do that speaker first. 

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The amp is left and right channel. The problem with the left speaker is the fuse holder keeps coming out as soon as I tighten it , so I can only tighten it half way and then all the drivers work on that speaker. But on the right side I can’t get any sound at all, but if I connect the speaker cable from the amp direct to the upper section then the tweeter and mid work. 

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I’m sure he can see that there are two fuse holders. I mean, they’re right on top of each other. 


I doubt that the woofer is blown.  


The AK-3 is a good design, poorly implemented. They are nortorious for having bad solder joints. 



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