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Klipsch KG 5.2s Without receiver

Caden johnson

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1 hour ago, Caden johnson said:

I have a pair of two KG 5.2s, but unfortunately the receiver got lost somewhere along the 20+ years I've owned them. I am interested in putting them to use but I don't know how or which receiver I could use for them. does anyone have any ideas?

I'd say any decent audio home receiver. 

More power the better overhead it can handle cleanly. I'm not sure how efficient the KG 5.2's are but my La Scalas are wickedly efficient at like 113dB I think! I have a McIntosh MC-2105 amp speced at  105WPC and I think I run about 1 Watt listening loud

John Kuthe...


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the 105 level is BS as well there is no such thing as a 99 db efficient woofer (at 100 Hz) it does not exist that is assuming the horn provides 6 db of gain. I am not just picking on Klipsch all the date provided is pumped up to look good. Eminence have a good ap on their site it will show you the actual efficiency of a woofer as any frequency so you can see what it does as at 1KHz or 100Hz or 50Hz. As another for instance a Forte is in reality about an honest 95 db efficient at best say at 100 Hz below that it will drop. compression drivers on the other hand can play very very loud with a fraction of a watt but not so with woofers that is why you see stacks of woofers at a concert.

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