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So glad I did not get rid of this cd when I got a good copy in the motherlode!

Mid 60s outside with 45% water in the air. I opened every window set the house fan for a half an hour and I got to shuck my flannel shirt :)




the Neighborhood and I are enjoying some classic rock.

Serves `em right that oom pah oom pah music torments me. Nope not Germanic or polka tunes but that same bass beat in that aztec-pop that is prevalent here the last decade.



& If you've never heard the end of this most famous recording..... :emotion-25:

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Something about a great band in a small club. But this guys band in the House of Blues made for music was kick-*&&!





You know I'm feeling kinda... Strange
You know I'm feeling kinda... Strange


Clouds race across the sky, day turns into night
Still there are the questions, no answers in sight

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My first digital silver disc spinn since a couple of month with old wine in new wineskins  > Pink Floyd <  " The endless river "


The Endless River is the 15th and final studio album by British rock band Pink Floyd. It was released on November 7, 2014.For the album, the remaining band members David Gilmour and Nick Mason reworked recordings that had not been used for the album The Division Bell, released in 1994. The Endless River is dedicated to keyboardist and co-founder of the band Richard Wright, who died in 2008. Roger Waters, with whom Gilmour, Wright and Mason had performed again in 2005, did not participate in the album.


Gilmour, Mason and Wright recorded about 65 musical ideas together at Britannia Row Studios in January 1993. However, only a small portion of these were actually used for The Division Bell. At times it was planned to add another album of instrumental ambient pieces (working title: The Big Spliff) to the album, but this was scrapped. From this material and other unreleased recordings, some of which date back to 1968, Gilmour and Mason worked out The Endless River with Phil Manzanera and other producers starting in 2012.Gilmour and Mason confirmed that in the end only a small part of The Big Spliff (compiled by Andy Jackson) was used for the album.


The title of the album refers to the penultimate line of High Hopes, the last track on The Division Bell:  "The water flowing / The endless river / Forever and ever."

Gilmour made the following comments to the L.A. Times about the recording process.  "Within the last year we've added new tracks, re-recorded others, and generally used modern studio technology to make a Pink Floyd album for the 21st century. With Rick's passing, and with it the chance of ever recording with him again, it feels right to make these sifted and reworked recordings available as part of our repertoire."






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