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Now spinning:


Conan the Barbarian


With my better reiceiver and cd player one can really hear its age...


Ed.: Just saw it out of the corner of my eye; there is a new recording, bigger orchestra, the way it was sopposedly planned for the movie, two discs.

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Nwe info-
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This set is just f'n incredible, been waiting for weeks for these last two. Not being "official" releases and coming from overseas these days. Had me enthralled for a couple hours between storms last night. Another big in the 90s alt-rock band getting together with one of the biggest. I'm gonna give it sort of a tigerman @GWSmith treatment sans the media.


Tool & King Crimson RefleKted









Yes the music is as knarly as the cover artwork portrays it to be.

To have seen one of the only 11 shows these guys did together would have been incredible! 

The first tune is missing here unfortunately.



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21 minutes ago, AndreG. said:

John, probably just my old browser, can´t see Your JPgs... Anybody else?


I use postimage for pics since I first filled up my allotted space here.


Can you right click & then open link in new tab? or copy address and then paste?

Or it could be a political boundary we are seeing more and more of.

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