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4 minutes ago, Dave1291 said:

Dude & Rag Doll on it w/a few others?

Yes. I´m always surprised how timeless Aerosmith are, you don´t notice that this album is almost 40 years old. 

I´ve long planned to get their albums, and since their blacks are traded in gold, I have to start with their silvers... 😉

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Believe that's the last out of theirs that I have. Kind-of like RUSH, when they reached a stage I just kept playing their older stuff! With RUSH it's either the one with the red cover or the light purpled one, got both and I like them!




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Have this one, the last after DTL I liked

RitN could have come after, have pump & Get a Grip that were given to me!

So I considered they went top40 a little late but they got there!




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Posted (edited)

Had this in the little suv today for a drive into town and back.

Dom has a few tunes that are nothing if not powerful, a few guitar heavy blues pieces too. He's not perfect *(there's only one that ever was)  as a singer but it fits the mood well!

This release has endeared itself to me already!


Dom Martin: Spain to Italy



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Anyone like collaborations ?


Artist - Guy Evans - Drummer 

In Groups:Amon Düül II (2), Big Buddha (3), Charlie & The Wide Boys, Echo City, Life Of Riley + more


Artist - Peter Hammill - singer/songwriter, guitarist pianist

Co-founder of British progressive rock band Van Der Graaf Generator.


Title -  The Union Chapel Concert

Media - A double CD 



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Played a bunch today, doubt I'd break in the new tubes before The Fourth though.

Latest up is a slow one, funny I don't listen to all HARD Rock all the time anymore!




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