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Denon 4308CI Receiver for Sale - $500 OBO


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I upgraded to a Marantz 8012 to get some Atmos action (and also because i was able to get a good deal), so I am now parting with my Denon 4308.

This has been an absolute beast in my system since the day i got it (original owner). 


If you're running up to a 7.1 system this thing will power any klipsch system. This powered my 2 RF7s, RC7, 2 RF35s, and 2 RS7s and never got warm to the touch!

Comes with both original removes and audyssey calibration Mic. I can try and find the manual (not sure if i still have it, but it would be available online).

Has  a Phono Turner for record player and 4 HDMI inputs as well. (note this will not pass the new 4k/HDR formats as far as i'm aware)

But for a 1080 TV and gaming and blu-rays this will run absolutely anything you throw at it.

One of the last great Denon receivers that was built in Japan. It's been 10 years and only a few of their new flagships are still produced there.


Any question feel free to ask me. this unit is in perfect working condition.

I'd rather not ship, so locals only for now (unless we work something out). I'm located in the northeast (Boston area)


Quick Hits:

  • 140 watts x 7 channels
  • Wi-Fi and Network capable
  • Ethernet network port
  • HD Radio and XM ready tuning
  • Dolby® TrueHD and dts-HD™ Master Audio
  • DDSC-HD digital Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuitry
  • Expanded HDMI v1.3a ports with Deep Color, xvYCC, and SACD support
  • Pure Direct mode & Advanced AL24 Processing Multi Channel
  • DENON LINK III, enabling high-speed, high-grade digital signal transmission
  • Audyssey MultEQ XT Auto-Setup/Room EQ





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