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Klipsch fan new to the Community - Recent KG 5.5 acquistion!


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Hi All, thought I'd say hello since I recently just joined these forums.  The help and opinions of many others from the past really helped me in a recent purchase decision of a pair of KG5.5 (Technically KM-6's), and sure do wish I found this community earlier.


I had always known that Klipsch retained a good reputation in the business, but never actually listened to anything myself.  6 years or so ago, I came across a pair of KG-4's on craigslist that I purchased, and it changed my listening life for good.  I stupidly sold those after I purchased a JBL home theater system, and immediately realized my mistake.  In an attempt to hear the sound I loved again I bought some R-15 bookshelves, but they just weren't what I was used to, so the search for another older model began.  Fast forward to last weekend, and I now have a pair of the KM-6's ready to put in my living room.  They're overall in great shape, I'd call it 9/10.  The main problem with them is one dented dust shield, but no matter, as I plan to keep the grills on in the living room anyway so my wife doesn't get mad at me for taking over the room with these big boys.


My intention is to hook them up to my Rotel ra985bx, so hope they sound good on that amp.  That's what I ran the KG-4's on, and it sounded excellent.  


At any rate, I'm excited to have some old school horns again.  I'm also excited for Christmas, as my wife is getting me a pair of the RP-280FA's to start replacing that JBL system I found at a garage sale.


Fun times!!


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On 11/12/2018 at 12:40 PM, zimdogg said:

Hi All, thought I'd say hello since I recently just joined these forums. 

Well glad your hear, Welcome.


Very nice sounds like a good plan, also sounds like a good wife. 

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38 minutes ago, wuzzzer said:

Some have had success using the hose part of a vacuum cleaner to pull out a dented dust cap.  It worked very well when I did that to each of the passive radiators in a pair KG 4s.

I tried that, my wifes breast pump, tape, and still no success.  Those dust caps are really rigid.

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