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The Last Reply Wins

Jeff Matthews

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On 1/9/2019 at 5:42 AM, oldtimer said:

Don't go calling folks Shirley...


I know a guy named Connie...Constance actually....

Workplace romance...

Connie was the facilities manager where I work...Connie left to enjoy the rest of his life....

Connie is a nice dude...We didn't see eye to eye on political issues but we looked pass these things and together got the job done...

He was facilities and I'm still in computers...

Talk about "get ones goat"...Flipping LOL


The Great Northern Railway (now a part of the BNSF Railroad) constructed a tunnel in the Cascades mountains in Washington in the early 1900s. The railroad set up construction camps at various locations along the line. Each camp had an adminstrative building with the Great Northern flag displayed out front. The logo for the GN railroad was the mountain goat, which was used in advertising, painted on freight and passenger cars, etc. In time, there developed competition between the camps for the best performance - most miles of track laid, bridges built, etc. From time to time, one camp would raid another and take their flag, which of course upset the camp that lost its flag with the goat logo. Thus the phrase "get my goat."


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I now have definitive evidence of ancient aliens and their place in religion.  The Tony Alamo Christian Ministries World Newsletter proclaims that it is most obvious the chariots of GOD as seen in Psalms 68:17 are today's flying saucers, which are known as UFOs.  "They are not from any other planet, but are the angels of GOD, which for centuries have policed the earth for crimes against the law of GOD and against the heirs of salvation."  (Senate trial to follow).  


There ya go My Own...it all tidies up.

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