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It may depend on the speaker.


Reflections from the ceiling, if they arrive too early, can be a problem.


Klipsch recommends ceilings at least 8 1/2 feet high for Klipschorns.


Heyser, in his detailed and meticulous review of the Klipschorn, recommended a high ceiling and a thick rug.


I would think 10 feet would be good, because the two best rooms I've heard have ceilings that high.


The proportions of  height, width, length can be important.  The worst rooms are perfect cubes, with all dimensions equal.


Here is part of a post by Chris A, concerning room proportions: "This is the best article on room dimensions that I've seen, and far surpasses anything that PWK had access to:"   https://community.klipsch.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=79899



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Remember that sometimes a ceiling isn't really a "ceiling".  Take your average "drop ceiling" for instance.  If you look up and see a grid of semi-solid white rectangles suspended by a lattice of metal strips, you have a "drop ceiling".  Excellent for acoustics but lousy for just about everything else.  The "real" ceiling is probably another foot or more above those tiles.  At lower frequencies, this is a good thing since there is ample room for longer wavelengths to unfold in your listening space.  And at higher frequencies, there is a fair amount of absorption of excessive treble.  Regular sheetrock ceilings have some of the same pros/cons.  In my experience, just as the "best" sounding floor is not really a "floor" but rather a suspended wooden platform above another space, the best ceiling is often a fake one.


Not everything that is overhead is a ceiling.

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