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Low ohm readings when testing speakers using multimeter


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Hi, my Onkyo receiver has required service twice in the past year. The service center (recommended by Onkyo) says the center channel died during the first outage, and I should have my center speaker checked. After the receiver died again, I took in the old center channel, a 8 ohm Synergy C1, and they said the ohm reading was low, and that I should replace it. I tested it on my multimeter at home and it registered 3.8 ohms. I just bought a new 8 ohm RP-250C and it registers 3.2 ohms. Should they be registering near 8 ohms? I'm testing by touching the leads to the respective black and red terminals on the  units (not opening them up).

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It sounds like they are fine to me.  A common multimeter only measures DC resistance, not the DCR + AC Reactance of the voice coils and crossover components that make up "impedance".  3.x is a very common DCR reading for Klipsch. 

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