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Klipsch RF-7 lll (B-Stock)


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Hi everyone!


I got this speakers from a big hifi company in Italy and think about if this is b-stock spakers or not, according to the information this should be 100% genuine Klipsch speakers but i am not sure, the main reason why i think this is that i have seen this speakers in the country i live in (Sweden) in two stores where the serial number is have been in order....


As an example i have the numbers "106455918130156" so the other speaker should have the exactly same number and end whit "5/7" but this is not the case as my other number is completely different and has the fallowing number "106455918130148" so it´s not matching number....


Anyway i am not sure how Klipsch make this numbers and what them are for, but if i would guess i think that 2 speakers always are "calibrated" to work as good as possible together but that is just what i think, and maybe it´s also different in different country:s what do i know?


I did try to see if there where anyway to contact Klipsch and make this confirmed but seems like there no way to do this so i try to post here in the forum and see if i can get any help to fix this problem....


The images can be found here


\ Whiskey

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Hi, some speakers are sold individually and therefore may not have sequential numbering but they will be close. No problem that they are not sequential. Sequential numbering takes place more with heritage speakers since they try to bookend the veneer. Components in the non-heritage speakers are the same whether or not they have sequential numbers.

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Nothing to worry about.  Maybe in 50 years when they're vintage it might affect the value a tiny bit.


They're not matched to each other component-wise or anything like that.  Like was started, on some models the veneer is matched between the two consecutive serial numbers and that's it.


Enjoy them!!

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Good to know and thanks alot for the help everyone!


So to the final question, is there anyway to check if it is "b-stock" speakers or genuine speakers that Klipsch has approved?


Another thing i just found out is that people say that b-stock only is "cosmetic", does that mean that the speaker it self is 100% identical whit a-stock just that it can have some faults that can hurt the eyes :D


\ Slaktarn

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17 hours ago, Whiskey said:

So to the final question, is there anyway to check if it is "b-stock" speakers or genuine speakers that Klipsch has approved?


As far as I know there are no factory B-stock ones shipped overseas but if you did get them, the label will be a very obvious red color, otherwise it will be yellow, green, white, or I think light blue, maybe orange, I forget, but it corresponds to the season they were made in.  B stock is red and it probably just says it.  


As mentioned before, rf-7iii's are not considered matched pairs and if you did get a sequential serial number, it's by pure dumb luck.  

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