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Crites CT-125's vs Beyma CP-25's on Klipschorns


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Nasty cold day so I thought I would swap out my Crites CT-125's for the Beyma CP-25's,I was not expecting much of a difference,but the CP-25's and I really like the sound of these tweeters.to my ears they have a more open sound and are smoother sounding with more detail..I also have a pair of B&C DE-120-8 fastrac tweeters I may try later,one of the things I like about Klipschorns is being able to swap out drivers and crossovers and make adjustments to sound.I have 2 pair of Klipschorns,1 pair 1980 vintage with no mods and 1 pair that have been modded with crite woofers,Volti VTK-400 crossovers,JBL 2446h midranges,Beyma CP-25 tweeters and tractrix 2"midrange horns.When I have friends over and I play my  1980 vintage pair they comment on how nice they sound and think I am crazy for having 2 pairs of Klipschorns,then I take them to the next room and they hear my modded pair and then they are blown away with the deep bass and how more opened and detailed the sound is.I now have made tweeter swap out today and everything is even better.


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I was in my car, eating. What I read was this. 

5 hours ago, Marvel said:

These are nice... but should be posted in the youtube screaming page ...


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