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Speaker Wire: Tin 'Em or Pin 'Em? Or Both? Or Neither?


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OK, so I'm boning up on wires, and there are some recommendations to tin them, and I'm looking at lead-free, which requires lead-free iron & lead-free chisel tip. Then while searching I see references to speaker wire compression pins.


Is one better than the other? Should a lead still be tinned going into a pin? Should it be neither and cut the exposed wire as short as possible?

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Pins might be a good idea in lieu of tinning.  A judicious dab of grease of some appropriate type applied prior to swaging, of course...


It all depends on how you're attaching things.  I'm a fan of banana plugs, but terminal strips generally preclude those.


I tin pretty much everything that calls for "bare (stranded) wire and screw (or spring-loaded)" terminations.  Luckily I have enough properly-leaded solder on hand to last my lifetime.  Lead keeps the joint from growing whiskers, and I ain't gonna be eating the stuff anyway.


Going under a screw head?  Either tin it and form a proper loop or crimp on a lug.  Only way(s) to go that route in my book.


If it's worth doing, it's worth overkill.

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