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RW-10 amp replacement

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hello.  I've brought home a rescue RW-10 that I am troubleshooting.  I got it as a project, seller told me it didn't work.

when I got it home I found that the fuse has been removed.  as I explore the reason for this, I have read online about the frequent amp failures with similar powered subs.

if the amp turns out to have failed, does anyone have any specific amp suggestions for replacement?

factory amp is a BASH amp, spec sheet says FTC rated 260w continuous; dynamic power 575w. 

spec sheet link

the driver looks to be fine, tests 3.8 ohms, K-1133-O

are there specific suggestions from PE or similar for external amp replacement of the BASH amp?


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Dayton standalone amplifier <here>


Or better yet.


Plate amp <here> with <this> or make your own mounting frame.


I don't recommend mounting another amplifier in the cabinet itself.


Block off the amplifier mounting hole with good plywood and mount binding posts ot terminal cup on the new plate installed.


Make sure your work is 100 % airtight.

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@jason str thank you for the info sir.  looks good.  thanks also for direct link, and link to mounting frame too.

I'm obviously a newbie to much of this, and especially on this topic.


about closing up the current opening:

what thickness plywood "cover" would you suggest?  do you think 1/2" is thick enough but not too thick?  thicker?

and, is there a "sealant" type product you would recommend to use on the "cover" above to try to ensure the seal?

something like a foam weatherstrip sealing tape from a home improvement store?

or something different?


thanks much for your help sir!  greatly appreciated!!!

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Any quality plywood will do as its a small panel, 1/2, 5/8 or 3/4".


Personally i use speaker gasket tape but any good weatherstripping will work, just overlap, cut and line up the ends.


Pre drill so the new panel gets pulled up tight to the old cabinet for a good seal.

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