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Receiver Dual HDMI outputs and music

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Not sure what is going on. But basically my goal is to be able to listen to music with cds, sacds without having to turn on my projector. I know in blu-ray audio you need a monitor to navigate the menus.

The issue is no music or audio comes out of my home theater speakers when projector is turned off.



yamaha A3060 receiver and sony x800 4k player. player hooked into receiver with premium cert. HDMI. Projector hooked into output 1 with celerity 40ft cable.



since receiver has dual HDMI output I can configure the second one to main and basically have two monitors at the same time thus So I hooked up a small TV to HDMI output 2.

Tv plugged into HDMI 2 only - picture and music play

TV plugged into HDMI 2 and projector into HDMI 1 - does not work, no picture or audio ( audio came on for a second and cut off)

Tv plugged into HDMI 1 only - everything works

TV plugged into HDMI and projector HDMI 2 - does not work


so it seems whenever the projector is plugged in I get no audio. I have similar smaller setup with another yamaha receiver and I never have to turn the tv on to listen to music. Since the celerity is fiber optic that uses an HDMI adapter on the end of the cable to plug in- I wonder if that has anything to do with it. just guessing of course.

I contacted yamaha but the person that got back to me didn't seem to grasp the situation. I may call back and try again with them. any ideas or suggestions?




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Your Yamaha remote has an HDMI OUT button above the Volume button. Have you tried scrolling thru the choices? If that does not help, you may have to open the Settings menu and configure the HDMI Standby settings. If your second monitor is a lower resolution display, the receiver will set both HDMI outputs to the lower resolution, according to page 74 of your owners manual.

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yes I have it set to HDMI output 1 & 2. I also have HDMI control (ARC) off since the projector doesn't need or use it.  Not concerned about the resolution on the 2nd monitor since I only need or will use it for navigating through disc menus not for any movie watching or anything. Its puzzling for sure.

Seems like I will hook up a second small monitor for navigating music menus but just unplug the projector from the receiver everytime I do this. pain in the butt, but so far I have not come up with a solution. i really shouldn't have to unplug anything- but not sure why the projector plugged in and turned off is preventing any audio. 

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