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Super Heresys at 105db

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RVDIII I am using the 8 ohm version of that speaker.  I chose this particular speaker because it provided a good platform for the cabinet size I was looking to build.  It could dig a bit deeper than the stock K22 or  Eminence Delta Pro 12. Using the specifications provided by the speaker manufacturer,  you can calculate cabinet size needed to tune it for  frequency response.  Sealed vs ported designs require different cabinet volume.  I knew I wanted a bit larger cabinet than the stock Heresy to allow me a bit lower bass response.  I also couldn't go with a speaker as large as a Cornwall because my room furniture would not accommodate them.  So I think of these as baby Cornwalls or Heresy Plus'  .  So far I am very pleased with the results.  Now that the speakers are fully burned in , they  sound very good.  And despite what others may say about speaker wire,  High quality wire does make a difference in sound.  I went from some 12 gauge zip wire to some 12 gauge OFC silver tinned wire and there was a definite difference in clarity.   

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