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Klipsch RS-7 Pair $250


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Looking to sell a pair of RS-7s. Had a 5.1 RF-7/RC-7/RS-7 system that sounded incredible, powerful, dynamic and generally beautifully-sounding, but will be changing it to Dolby Atmos or maybe Auro-3D system at some point. So will be replacing the RS-7 surrounds with direct firing speakers.


The RS-7s are big, excellent sounding surrounds and these certainly sound great. However, there is a cosmetic defect - instead of paint, the tops and bottoms seem to be surrounded by a vinyl sheet, and that has come off on the bottom of one (and of course I lost it, along with the grills at some point - love showing the copper!). I was thinking of removing the vinyl on both speakers and just painting them there, would should be a very easy task as it's only tops and bottoms. And I'd recommend that, since the vinyl is getting loose on the other sides. But since I'm changing speakers types, I'll let whoever buys them paint them as they wish and accept offers for the speakers as is.


These are big and heavy, so local pickup in Southern California would be best. But I'd be willing to ship if someone is willing to pay the actual shipping costs.






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further details, lowered price
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22 minutes ago, Sean Cooper said:

Hi, Are the speakers still available?

Paging @driverdog


Hi Sean, by using the @ sign and picking his name off a pick list I just sent @driverdog an Alert which he'll see the next time he logs in on the Forums.


Welcome to the Forums and I hope you guys can do some business. 

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