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Duplex emergency room ( i need help :s )


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2 minutes ago, gazzamongo said:

I think the roof rack idea might see a greater power direct a bolt of lightning in my direction , so current plans are to see if gpa would send me a recone kit so i can have the job done here.

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He might already be doing that with your woofers sad plight anyway. My experience with reconing in Nashville has been pretty sad and I hope yours will be better.

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On ‎1‎/‎14‎/‎2019 at 2:36 AM, Dave A said:

not seeing any incentive to do so and feed the Zuckerberg privacy invasion machine.

Agree with you there.

6 hours ago, Dave A said:

England is in the midst of a PC overthrow of what made them great. Your own people like the childless May who do not care about the future are selling you down the river and I don't understand the passive attitude which is allowing all this to happen. I read that Churchill is being censored now because of the truth he spoke about the Arabs being imported into England in wholesale lots. I fear for your country and see no peaceful way out as rational people have sat on their hands too long and now they must fight or lose England and they were silly enough to give up their guns so they are in heap big trouble.

So great we fought for independence from them.  Who tf cares about them?

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Right, but you did bring some topics up that were bound to be responded to.
 If you do get the work done with Great Plains let us know how it all goes.
Yes that's true , so only fair to let you have your say. Ill not plunge us into the abyss with any further inflammatory statements.

Yes ill absolutely update on the altecs

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