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Rear Speaker choice - RP600M or RP-502S


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I've been looking online and noticed a lot of speaker packages come with 2 sets of RP-502S as both the rear surrounds and rear speakers.



I'm wondering is that just a cheaper bulk package or does it actually help create a wider sound field for the rears instead of the directional RP600M's. For example if you have a wider room would it be better with the 502's ...




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Technically direct firing monopoles are most correct for actual rear speakers, assuming you have enough room.  Most people like the wall hugging action of the 502S, they look better plus if you are pretty close to them they can be more comfortable.  A direct firing single horn from 2 feet away can be rather painful.  Getting into the pros and cons of this confuses people sometimes so it's easier to just keep with the 502S unless the circumstances make it worth bringing up, such as price and space.  

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