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Center options for Cornscalas

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I am trying to figure out my options for a new center speaker. My current setup is:

Left front and Right front: Cornscalas

Center KLF C-7

Left rear and right rear: La Scalas

Atmos ceiling CDT 5800-C-2

Left and right surrounds RP-252


I feel my center is holding my system back and am looking for something that is more appropriate. Some options I am considering are:

1) Cornscala

2) La Scala

3) Cornwall


Those are the obvious contenders. Would a pair of Chorus work too?  Are there any other options I should consider?  I keep looking for a single of one of those, but haven’t found one secondhand yet. 

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So I tried a few options and wanted to share my observations.


1) Left and Right Cornscala Center KLF C7.  This is my current setup.

2) Left and Right Cornscala and no center.  Basic idea was to use a phantom center.  This was worse than option 1 in both me and my wife's opinions.  Seemed to lack presence.

3) Left and Right Cornscala Center La Scala.  Wow, this is why I want a new center.  Dialog much better and some more bass.

4) Left Cornscala Right La Scala Center Cornscala.  This is not a normal setup and not something I would ever do.  Just trying to get a feel for the difference in speakers.  The bass was really odd as the La Scala was lacking the low end of the Cornscala.  


Comparing the La Scala and Cornscala:  Bass preferred from the Cornscala.  Dialog and high frequencies preferred from the La Scala.  I would need subs with a pure La Scala front stage.  I used scenes from the Greatest Showman to A/B test these.  I didn't rerun Audessy between setups and only made speaker configuration changes so it knew if I had a center or not.  I used the first scene from the movie as it has great bass and some dialog.  It also has some subtle sounds to pay attention to.  I also tested the opera scene (chapter 11).  I would say that I preferred the Cornscala in the first scene and the La Scala for the opera scene.  Shouldn't be a big surprise.


I think the best setup would be LCR with La Scala and subwoofers.  I am hoping I can find a third La Scala.  I can use it as a center.  If I later get some beefy subs, I can switch my front stage to La Scalas and use my Cornscalas for surrounds.  Either way makes for a nice setup.  I should also mention that I have a nice SVS sub near field to cover the lower frequencies. 

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I think, temporarily, I am going to try using my 1st La Scala as my center and my 2nd La Scala as a rear center.  This would give me a 6.1.2 system.  I am only part way through building my system.

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