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Laptop to Tube Amp and speakers


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It is absolutely possible and no it wouldn’t sound bad. Quite the opposite depending on your setup. When I am not listening to vinyl , virtually everything I play is off the net accessed via a music server and a stand alone DAC and I using an all tube setup for amplification. If you are using the internal DAC on your computer and listening with headphones you would just need a mini plug to RCA male adapter plugged into a tube amplifier. There are also very reasonable integrated tube amps that have the ability to connect via Bluetooth. I have a setup like that in my office and it sounds wonderful. 

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I have not heard a prima Luna amplifier buy from everything I have heard they make quality products. I do not believe that they have an internal DAC - which I believe is a smart thing. I would give it a try by just using your headphone jack on your computer first. You may be completely satisfied.  Next step would be to bypass your internal dac and use an external dac. Lots of folks use very modestly priced usb dacs. They are a huge improvement over the computer dac and should suit your needs. 


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On 1/25/2019 at 3:20 PM, Kidd said:

 will using a Primaluna  dialouge amp 

 That is a nice amp. I stream Tidal via WiFi with an Arcam rPlay with a tube amp and MHDT Orchid Dac. The Arcam is connected to the Dac via SPDIF.  It is controlled via the PlayFi app. The Arcam can also be connected with an Ethernet cable. The Arcam has an internal Dac that is not bad so you can add a better Dac later. Streaming via Bluetooth is a sonic compromise.

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4 minutes ago, Kidd said:

I am learning about Chinese   amps, and how much cheaper they are , for abut $500 to $1200 , it appears I can get a really good one .

Even though the Primaluna is made in China


Maybe, but it depends on the transformers etc. Primaluna is manufactured in China but the specs are from a Dutch company. Quality parts and design. 

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