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ProMedia 2.1 (Switched w/Fuse version)


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Does anyone have the detailed specs for the upgrade kit?

I am about to make an order for a active mini-whip antenna and some other ELF-ULF-VLF projects and figured I can order the components to upgrade the two ProMedia 2.1 subwoofers I am working on repairing, restoring and thinking improving performance if I am critical with components.  Looks like the upgrade kit already does the improvement... though I am not able to afford the money for that.  

I can order all the components from Mouser for eight subwoofers for that price, other than the fan and fan power supply.

Mainly I was wondering the specification of the WIMA capacitors.  Anyone know the specifications or which item#, part# or model those are? 

I think the other components I can figure out how to improve performance since the datasheets I've seen show some detail with ST being better than TI or other makes in regards to transistors. 

The capacitors might benefit in ESR and ripple current for power supply version audio circuit use.  Using higher voltage ones might be better also.  Higher temperature rated seems like an easy upgrade for improvement.

For the resistors, higher wattage rating seems like an easy upgrade for improvement also. 

I was thinking adding some heat sinks on the inside and a large surface area heat sink on the outside plate most likely mounting with the MOSFET screws... though the fan method does seem easier. 

Any questions, comments and/or suggestions as well as answers to the questions is appreciated with kind regards. 

Thanks in advance. 


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