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Best audio crossover point for RP-600m

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I have a larger (33x15x9) room and a new set of Klipsch RP-600m speakers.  I also have a pair of 15" downward-firing subs.  My crossover (JL Audio CR-1) is capable of discreet R/L stereo bass management.


At what frequency should this pair of satellites be crossed over to the subs for stereo audio use only?  I've had audio amigos advise me that I should set the crossover as closely as possible to the -3dB roll-off point of the satellites, but as I see it, this has numerous potential disadvantages:


1.  The acoustic roll-off of the speakers will be added to that of the upstream electronic crossover, causing asymmetrical crossover rates between the satellites and the subs.

2.  The intermodulation distortion of the satellites will be increased because of the higher woofer excursion on the satellites.

3.  The single 6.5" woofers of the satellites will be stressed at high volumes in my room.


I've (conversely) also had other audio amigos recommending to me that since I do have two subs, and because those subs will (initially) be located as closely as possible to the satellites, that I set the crossover to as high a frequency as possible (150 Hz. with the JL).  As I see it, this does have some advantages, but also some disadvantages:


On the plus side:


1.  The intermodulation distortion of the satellites should be minimized because the longer excursions required for lower bass will be handled by the subs (whose larger cone area will minimize distortion for the same volume).

2.  The amount of current required to run the satellites will be greatly reduced allowing the use of much lower wattage tube amplifiers if desired.

3.  By judicious use of the phase knob on the sub's plate amps, I can move the subs more independently of the satellite locations.


But on the minus side:


1.  Having a higher crossover frequency may allow the transition from satellites to subs to become more audible.

2.  At higher frequencies, acoustic localization of the subs may become more likely.

3.  The downward-firing design of the subs may muffle the higher frequencies.


The specific subs being used are Powersound Audio S1510DF models, a sealed-box design that has worked well in my room before.  I plan to use the JL crossover with 24dB / octave slopes, rather than the more ubiquitous 12.


So noting that movie soundtrack use is NOT a priority for this system, where should the crossover point be set?


Thanks in advance for your help - Boomzilla

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I(me) would start at about 1/4 octave above -3dB bottom of the RP-600ms which would be about 50Hz and go from there.  Trial and error.



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I have the crossover at 60Hz for my set of RP-600M, tried, 50, 60, 70 ang 80Hz, liked 60Hz the best.

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If you have a UMIK-1 and REW you can measure the response in the crossover region to see which settings give you the smoothest signal through the transition.    OR just experiment by ear. 

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