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What's the weather like where you're at?


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I was up at 2:30, no clouds beautiful stars out. Sunrise was spectacular over channel to San Juan island, mount Baker was in relief. No wind. Then about 4:30 cool air started to arrive. We are at 17 whereas last 3 days we were already at 28 or so by now. Thank goodness maybe today will be much cooler. 

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14 hours ago, MC39693 said:

@Islander, I don’t mind the heat, but this is a bit much for all the years I’ve been coming to the island. We will hang in and enjoy. Lots of cold beverages and the basement have been working well. Might go for an air conditioned restaurant for dinner.


Good idea.  I think we’ve seen the worst of it.  I forgot to close my windows early this morning, and got up to find a sort of cool breeze blowing through the place.  Yesterday there was nobody at work on the condo high-rise behind my place, and today they’re back on the job.  It was 31C in my bedroom and 33C in the living room.  Still too hot, but at least a bit closer to tolerable.


Reports say the heat dome will move east and cook the Albertans next.  We’re all well done here.

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All up to 35C is fine with me, I like it warm 🙂

But humidity is what I don't like.

And all kinds of funny anomalies like hails, floods, earthquakes, etc. We had all of that this and last year, and severe ones. So among all these, the heat is the thing we don't mind  so much.

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O-H!  Temps pushing low 90's here for the most part then dropping into the 70's @ night.  Spotty rain moved out for the most part.  Duckburg is celebrating it's Bi-Centennial this weekend so all kinds of stuff around here going on.  Few groups gracing the stage in a park downtown, which doesn't sound bad to me.  Double the fireworks show w/no ground displays this year, which could be pretty cool.  Might hit that one but the one I'm going to find out more about is the opening of this 100 year old time-capsule, which had been placed in a prime meridian marker in the largest cemetery here.  THAT could be an interesting read.  Enjoy your 4th if you're here in the US and stay safe!  

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2 hours ago, MC39693 said:

@YK Thom, not many here would say -20 is mild, except Canadians and any friends from Alaska?


Atmospheric River is dumping a lot of rain on Victoria today... very sad for folks in Fraser valley massive flooding.

They have had a terrible situation down there. I quite enjoy Victoria, nice city with some great pubs. I like to pop into the Bard and Banker when I'm in town.

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