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Need advice moving from 5.1 to 5.1.4

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Current system 


Marantz SR7012

RF-7 ii mains (cherry)

RC-64 ii center (cherry)

RS-7 surrounds 



My RS-7s are not in an ideal position currently as they are wall mounted about 19ft behind the MLP. I don’t have good mounting options to bring them closer as I have a window on one side and a stairwell and center beam on the other. This is in my finished basement, 8ft ceilings. I’d like to add Atmos, but I’m not really wanting to cut into the ceiling. I’d also like to bring the surrounds closer. I was thinking about getting some RS-62s to replace the RS-7s and putting them on stands with Atmos modules on top. Then I saw the deal Adorama has on the cherry RP-280FA right now and thought I should also consider that even though they are overkill for surround use, since cost-wise it’s probably comparable. With either option, I’d try either wall mounting some Atmos modules in the front or placing the on the RF-7 ii’s, and I’d probably sell the RS-7s to help fund the upgrade.


So to summarize, should I replace wall mounted RS-7s with:


RS-62s on stands with Atmos modules on top, or




Any feedback including other options I should consider appreciated.

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While I've never heard 62's, if you haven't tried or heard floorstanders run as sides and set on full you should. Just my .02

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