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Rp500sa speakers


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I have 2 pairs of the Rp500sa atmos speakers for my setup.  My current living situation requires everything to be in the great room which has vaulted ceilings.  The pair thst sit on top of the surround speakers works great because thst is where the ceiling is lower.  The other pair I gave sitting on top of the front left and right speakers but it won’t really work there since the ceiling is highest at that area.  I want to experiment placing them as front heights but I’ve read and been told different things.  Should I place them as high as possible to where th wall meets the ceiling, or slightly above the mounted tv so that the speakers are facing exactly where we sit on the couch?  Attached is a picture of what my options are...I’m currently thinking #1 will be best since that placement has the speakers firing directly at the two main seating spots 




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i'd put them at #2 using a mount you can angle slightly, this way it seems like the sound is coming from a higher area.

Unfortunately these only have keyholes. I did this method with some success, this is as high as i could get with my ladder.

They keyhole makes things difficult. Also because the bottom is so long you can only angle it so much.

I used some cheap monoprice mounts.  haven't done my rears yet. i put the switch to the surround setting and i think i have these at 80hz.


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