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[Sold]: JTR Speakers Captivator 118HT 18" Powered Subwoofer

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I am the original owner of this JTR Speakers Captivator 118HT 18” powered home subwoofer which I purchased brand new, directly from JTR Speakers.  The subwoofer has less than 20-hours of gentle use on my vinyl, 2-channel setup.  It is located in a room that rarely gets use and our home is non-smoker with no pets. My wife knows that the top of all our speakers are off limits for decorations so nothing has been sat on top of it.  I am simply eliminating it from that system and using only the 2 floor standing speakers instead since I felt the subwoofer was way more bass than I needed for that room/system.  The finish is their standard “matte black paint” which has a textured look/feel and it is in great condition, please note that the lines/streaks you see on the sides in the photos are shadow reflections from the camera's external flash reflecting off of the glossy wood flooring and aren't actually on the finish.  The original grille is included and is also in mint condition with all original attachment magnets fully in-tact.  The subwoofer came factory equipped with an on-board plate amplifier which accepts RCA or XLR inputs (with XLR loop output) as well as offering an adjustable crossover, LF adjustment, trigger, adjustable gain, select-able power options (off/trigger, auto-on via input sensing, manual-on) and adjustable delay.


Full Specifications/Details from the Manufacturer:










I do have the original shipping box, but local pickup is preferred since the packaged weight is 126lbs resulting in typical ground shipping quotes ranging from $250-$350+.  If you want to cover the actual shipping cost then I may be willing to ship it provided it is fully insured for the purchase price (contact me for quotes, etc.).  I am located in the Eastern area of Kentucky just outside of Pikeville.


Price: [Sold]














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On 2/15/2019 at 11:59 AM, Kalifornian said:

Did this get finalized? 


This is now sold.

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