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Old sell (couldn't figure out how to delete..)


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12 hours ago, j_mowrey said:

Appreciate interested buyers. Criticisms best left in alternate forum.


I work 70 hours a week have two young kids, and  I'm trying to sell these for my dad, hince the multiplatform pitch. Craigslist was last ditch and not likely to materialize. Ebay is going great, with much fewer snide comments.


Nothing smashed on either speaker. There are stains and chips in the paint. 


I understand about not wanting criticism in your for sale ad. But realize that more often than not, people around here are trying to help you, not hurt you.


I also understand that since these don't belong to you, you are not familiar with pricing, speaker details, etc. But I will say that those are in pretty poor shape for what you are asking. Realistically you might expect around 700.00-800.00 on a VERY good day.


You can take my comments in the spirit that they are intended. Or not.



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