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Klipschorn near Denver


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Khorns 1966 typically use the Type A crossover but the picture clearly says 1R.  I'm not sure what that is.  Could someone check the pics and see if the bass bin construction (rear) is OEM?  It looks newer, rebuilt to me and still has some lumber yard stampings on it.


Khorns from the 1960's (before the Type AA's came out in 1972)  average $1914. Seller's price of $2500 is high IMO.


That being said I have a confirmed sale at that price point.  The last four sales are $1695, 1200, 2500 and 2000.

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Thanks @Schu and @codewritinfool, both of you have a better eye than I do.


Assuming they've got new plywood, how would one value that?  On the one hand the Khorns would get knocked down if they were factory but the wood was in poor shape.  OTOH if they have new plywood they would be devalued due to speakers which were repaired, possibly with poor wood.


I have enough samples I track Khorns w/Type AA XO's (1972-82) in Avg/Poor shape.  Those average about $1500.  Assuming some of those numbers relate to the older Khorns with poorly rebuilt bass bins, would you knock off another $300?  Value those around $1200?  That price would be consistent with other sales I've tracked.

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