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Decoupling/Isolation of RP-line speakers


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Rarely does a speaker which produces bass work better not being coupled to the floor.


If you're talking about spikes on a fancy hard floor, then no way I'd do that.  I'd use a set of mini furniture sliders whatever the speaker had for feet in such a case.  The imaging may suffer to a very minor extent, but so be it.  I never sit fixed in one position to eek out the last tiniest bit of subtile imagery anyway...

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Its just a normal parquet floor with different shades of brown pieces of wood attached together.


Yes, in addition to spikes and those little circles, I also had isolation bases in mind. But if simple furniture sliders have the same effect, then that would certainly be a much cheaper solution. Thanks.


woops, meant to quote you on this one glens haha

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On February 13, 2019 at 2:33 AM, HenrikTJ said:



Do I need to decouple/isolate the 2015 RP-line speakers seeing as though they already have a base attached to the bottom  of the speaker?


(My floor is parquet)

I believe if the floor is on a solid sub-floor such as a concrete slab, then you want to couple the speaker to the floor with spikes. If the sub floor is on rafters and vibrations can be transmitted through the floor then you want to de-couple from the floor with vibration absorbing devices. 

The best way though is to listen coupled and decoupled to see which sounds better to you. 

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