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Peach/pCATS with Telefunkens


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Rockhound sold me another Peach, and I replaced the 12AX7 tubes with Telefunkens. My Khorns and I love the change! Thanks to davis419b sending me an email from Mark Deneen,  I just ordered a quad of them for the pCATS. I was going to replace the KT88s, but Mark wrote that the improvement was to be had in the drivers, so I'm looking forward to getting a quad of Telefunken smooth plate 12AX7s from Brent Jesse to go in the pCATS. Don is also sending me a copy of the pCAT manual. Thanks, Don; mine is buried in a pile somewhere.


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33 minutes ago, Macho Kiljoy said:

Does anybody have Mark Deneen's email? I want to see if he can do a repair to my Blueberry. Thanks.


I don't believe he is in the audio game.  He has not responded to my email from more than a year.  Craig at NOS Valves is familiar with the Blueberry.  What is wrong with yours?  I believe there is a known issue about the heat sink loosening on the rectifier IIRC.  It led to a failure in my buddy's.  It was a cheap/easy repair. 

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