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Forte 1 woffer not a good day

Jive talkin

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So snowing out today and decided to clean up the fortes. Take off the grill and to my surprise I see a tear on my sub🤮.  Four thoughts here 1 Get one or two new from bob (do these have the rubber surround?) 2 Buy original used on ebay. 3 Get out the old super glue and apply to the tear.4 get it rec coned and if I do this does it still have the rubber surround? Thank in advance for the help

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First off, it's just a woofer...not a sub. ;) I've repaired paper cone woofers in the past by using Ailene's Original Tacky Glue and some paper towel, like Bounty, with good results. Just use enough to patch the area from the backside and not on the front side if possible. Otherwise, I'd keep an eye on e b a y for an original. If Bob has replacement woofers, that's always an option too. 

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I've used Weldbond with great success as well. Use a strong piece of tissue paper on the back side as mentioned. Thin the first couple of coats, let dry and repeat. It dries clear and flexible.


I'e also used this method to repair plits in thin rubber surrounds. Once the splits are repaired, I used thinned glue to coat the entire front and back side of the surround. I used a small, soft artists brush. Once done it was/is virtually invisible.



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