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RF-7 model 1 value


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Last year about this time I paid $1,200 for a set of RF7(I) and an RC7 that were in just about new condition.  They all have the Dean G cross-over upgrades.  Moved my 15 year old RF3s to rear surround duty.  Also picked up a uses RSW-12 the previous summer for around $300 I believe.  I am THRILLED with the performance and can't see the need to upgrade.  I would like to eventually get a used set of Fortes if I can ever make space for them.  There is also a set local on CL in Houston that is listed for $1,200...which I think might be a bit high.  Will check to see how long they last on the site.

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On ‎2‎/‎28‎/‎2019 at 12:57 PM, mojomc said:

I was thinking $1200 for a pair of RF7 and an RC7 with DeanG x's was a heckuva deal. 


It all comes down to market, market, market. 


I do feel like I got a good deal on the package set.  The RF7s also came with cut / beveled tempered glass tops (which is sweet for display purposes - I can actually put stuff on top without worry).  I think $800-$1,000 would be a going price for just the RF7s in good condition.  I guess it depends on your location and budget.  I personally like the look of the Gen 1 speakers from this early 2000 era.  I hope to never part with mine.

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