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Forte III and not exactly a newbie


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...OT alert...

When I read the word "postmodernism", perhaps my not-so-free association always starts me thinking about a line:


Receptionist: 'I just have to know: how do you write women so well?' Melvin: 'I think of a man...and take away reason and accountability...'


Another quote usually then comes to mind:


As the Good Book says, 'Heal us, O Lord, and we shall be healed'...In other words, 'Send us the cure...we've got the sickness already.'




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On 2/28/2019 at 7:13 PM, HiFiRuss71 said:

I'm in the UK. That's why it's nice to be on a US forum, throw a question oout there late at night and wake up to a barage of replies in the morning! To address some of the answers:


Jubilees - Too big and frankly somewhat fuggly. That goes double for the PA speaker. Sorry, but the Fortes and Cornwalls tick my aesthetic boxes.


Interesting comment on the Hereseys plus sub(s) as I currently run the Arendal Monitors with an Arendal Sub 1, the latter being the only bit to enjoy EQ. I get the benefits of EQ'd bass, prefering to choose the right speakers for the space and bass manage them. One Sub 1 (14" driver, 500W RMS ,1kW peak) is a bit light for my taste, especially as I can now run stereo EQ'd subs. However, I don't want stands and if I bought Hereseys; would always be left wondering what if....


Alas, beyond Hereseys, it's nigh on impossible to find pre-loved Klipsch over here, nevermind MkIs and IIs of anything. I'm pretty sure that the F3s are the right choice for the space, given that they offer up more latitude for positioning and in the last day or so, a potential bargain has transpired. A Klipsch dealer has a pair of Walnut F3s, one of which was dropped by a courier. The plinth is smashed and a top corner dented. The plinth is being replaced and as I know a good cabinet maker, repair of the corner and even a wholsale re-veneer is possible - Why couldn't they have dropped an oak pair with the lambs wool grill?!?!? At a maximum of £2.5k (saving £1,5k) I think they're probably a shoe in, if I like them on demo.


I've also found a pair of Quad II Eighties, boxed and immaculate for £3k, plus said dealer not only does Anthem and Quad, but also has Icon Audio MB90 MkIIs on demo- they would seem a potentially perfect match given the mode switching. For those not familiar with Anthem ARC, you can limit the maximum frequency EQ is applied to and in the varoius incarnations I've owed and reviewed it in, I've never felt compelled to use it above 300Hz and more usually 150Hz. An STR Pre with the Sabre DACs and all the digital inputs I require is looking attractive. Apparently, the phono stage is more than competant too, he says looking a 200 LPs in storage.


I wouldn't say budget isn't important (why spend more if you can spend less?) but I do have an opportunity to drop £10k on a wholesale system revamp, if what I hear for each component impresses. With my history of DIY speaker and subwoofer building, plus involvement in the Arendals, I will go speaker first and get that right. I will use the demo opportunity to listen to some valves (tubes) and if it really floats my boat, try and screw a deal out of the dealer. The pre can can wait, because the M-Dac+ has some of the best digital filters at any price.


Thanks for the input and if there's anything else you'd like to thow out there as a thought, I'm all ears!





I'd give the dented F III's a listen and simply trust your ears. Better yet, try to get the dealer to let you try them at home. If they make you smile, re-veneer them to suit your taste. 


Amplification? 20 watts is more than enough for the F III's and your disco desires. Dennis Had, retired founder of Cary Audio, is building amps and selling them on the auction site. He has a 20 watt single ended pentode amp that you may want to look into. It can run almost any tube, 6V6's - KT-150's and you can mix tubes. Like a pair of KT77's and KT88's etc.


I bought one of his amps about 4 years ago and will never sell it. Mine is a SEP triode strapped. About 5 watts with 6L6GA's. My favorite tube in my rig. I'm driving Heresy III's with an HSU sub and have plenty of power. Get a pint or three and Google Inspire amplifier. Search this forum too. 


The first pic was sent by Dennis as the build progressed.


Sorry, I did not see your post about buying an amp before I posted.



Inspire amp.jpg

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Well, I demoed. I was about four bars into the first track and I decided there and then, the Fortes were coming home with me.I'm even more smitten now.


If I were still reviewing, the notes on my pad would read; connection, expression, music, boogie - In no particular order.  Some bass guitar and drum solos have made me laugh out loud and the Arendals with twin 8" drivers and time aligned drivers weren't exactly a slouch in this regard. But compared to the Klipsch, they now sound if not mechanical, then analytical in a studio monitor way. The Fortes flatter recordings that the Arendals expose and yet still mange to soar with really good mixes, hiding nothing.


Probably the best example of this was a Luther Vandross track (Dance with my Father) beloved of my partner Kay. Personally, his voice annoys me, but this time I listened and could feel the emotion and love this stripped back piece of Vandross was communicating. Kay, who has a personal attachment to this track and has heard it a squillion times, cried - Something she says she has never done to anything other than live music.


God knows what they're going to do with more than four hours under their belt!


Yours, a very happy bunny,




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