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Introduction and system description for subwoofer suggestion.

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Hello to Everyone, I'm Ivano from Italy and this is  my first post here.

I have been constantly upgrading my HT system over the years....since, almost 17years ago, I fell in love with my RB-5 bookshelf front pair. They still sound really good and ,from time to time, I upgraded all the rest.

Actual setup is placed in an approximately rectangular 9m long per 3.5m wide room, 3m tall, with, let's say for easier explanation:

TV and sofa facing each other, more or less at the middle of the "long" (9m) sides of the rectangle. the speakers are suspended at about 2.3m from the ground.


TV: 42" Panasonic Last generation Plasma 

AV Receiver: AMC-R9

Source player: Cambridge Audio 752BD (former: Pioneer DVD player)

Front Speakers: Klipsch RB-5

Surround Speakers: Klipsch RS-62 II (former: JMLab (Focal) Symbol 5)

Central Speaker: Klipsch RC-62 II (former: JMLab (Focal) Symbol 10)


I know positioning and sizes are not the best, but some "environmental" constraints allowed me only to setup it like this. Overall it sounds really good anyway. Until last friday 🙂 I had a good, old, but quite capable Yamaha YST-SW90 as a sub, that, since the upgrade of the central and subwoofer speakers emerged as the "weak ring" of the chain. 

Now that I managed to sell it, I'm looking for "the perfect matching" subwoofer.

Space constraints would suggest that, for a cable-connected subwoofer, I should stay on 10-12" max (r-110 or r-112). With the aid of the wireless Receiver/transmitter, I could in case think also of a 15".


Now the questions:

- Is it worth to go with the 15"? 

- In case of 15", will it "overwhelm" my actual setup? I used the tool on SVS website and it suggested to pair my system with their 2000 serie that is 12"

- Are R-11xSW subwoofers reliable?

- is it reliable and of good quality also the wireless kit? anyone here experienced any problem?

- As far as I can see, R-11xSW has been now replaced by SPL serie for which I don't see the big 15" brother, as well as not seing any noticeable difference in the tech sheet, between SPL-120 Vs. R-112Sw and actually the R-112Sw comes quite significantly cheaper. Is the SPL significantly (or in any way) better? Why?


I know that (in Italy we say that it's like "to ask the innkeeper if the wine he sells is good" meaning that the answer would be pretty known in advance), on Klipsch forum I could only get good advices on Klipsch stuff...as well as an hypothetical aesthetic match but, let's ask for sake of knowledge 😉 

At almost the same price I can get a Klipsch R-115Sw or a SVS PB-2000 or, spending some more a SVS PB-3000....all of them in wireless configuration.

Which one would you advise...and why?

Thanks in advance for any answer and for the patience to read this long post




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8 minutes ago, Ivano said:

In case of 15", will it "overwhelm" my actual setup?

Welcome to the forum.



You can use an 18 with bookshelf speakers.  It will only overwhelm them if it's not calibrated properly.  Set up is everything.  The larger sub-woofer you have to use, the less it will need to work, keeping output cleaner.

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Hi I used to have a klipsch original 15” thx sub. (KT-SW 15)


I have been very happy with my Svs 20-39 pci cylinder sub. I love klipsch speakers but in my personal experience SVS subwoofer are extremely and consistently well reviewed and as long as you take time to properly set crossover and levels pair very well with klipsch. 

Given the cost to ship to Italy I would take a bigger model Svs if in doubt. Easily turned down if too much bass. Rather than push a smallish unit too hard. 

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Subs are never too big or capable performace-wise -- they can be dialed down

bigger subs - driver and box - provides deeper extension and/or require LESS power


the room and aesthetics are the true limits.


what is reasonable?  Any 15 or 18" ported sub with good capabilities

2 is better, not for volume, for seat to seat consistency



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